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Case Report

The use of elastic bandage and kinesiotherapy in lombar pain treatment: case report

Fernanda Cimão dos Santos; Helen Katharine Christofel; Ovídia Ignêz Pires; Rodrigo Antonio Carvalho Andraus

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Background: Nowadays, lumbar pain may be one of the most frequent causes of medical leave, regardless of age and gender, and may have a known or unknown cause. Objective: To evaluate the existence of a decrease in pain and improvement in the lumbar functionalities using therapeutic elastic bandaging by the Therapy Taping method and kinesiotherapy. Method: 23 years old subject, 80 pounds, 1.73 high, single, assists in the school transportation of children. The patient answered the questionnaires SF-36 Quality of Life Questionnaire, Oswetry 2.0 Disability Index, McGill pain questionnaire, Visual Analogue Scale and was submitted to Schöber’s flexibility test, as well as an exercise protocol and elastic bandaging application in Region of pain for 6 weeks. Results: The results showed improvement in the tests, decrease of pain, gain of functionality and improvement in quality of life. Conclusion: The use of kinesiotherapy and elastic bandaging was effective for the treatment of chronic low back pain.


Low Back Pain; Disability; Exercises.


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