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Effects of Kinesio Taping® in treatment of Cellulite: Randomized controlled blind trial.

Da Silva, Rodrigo Marcel V. da; Cavalcanti, Rafael Limeira; Rêgo, Ludmila Martins de F.; Nunes, Patricia Fonseca L.; Meyer, Patricia Froes

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Introduction: Cellulite is caused by congestion of fluid in the interstitial space generating an edematous and fibrotic disorder. The Kinesio taping is a resource consisting of an elastic bandage, placed on the skin and represent a form of intervention in the treatment of lymphedema and help in the removal of accumulated fluid. Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of Kinesio Taping ® in patients with cellulite. Method: We analyzed 24 patients with cellulite in the gluteal region (grades I, II and III), selected conventionally in Natal / RN, Brazil. The volunteers were randomly divided into two subgroups of 12 individuals - a control group (CG) and a treatment group (GKT). Both the CG as the GKT were evaluated before and after the experiment, using a specific cellulite assessment protocol and photogrammetry. Only in GKT, four applications of the bandage were made once a week, in the gluteal region. Results: In the findings, there was a significant reduction of cellulite grade in the CG (p = 0.03) and GKT (p = 0.01). However, there were no changes in the other variables assessed by the protocol in the two groups. In photogrammetric analysis, there was a significant clinical improvement in GKT, in comparison between the initial and final evaluation. The treatment notes assigned by the photogrammetry evaluators were higher in GKT (p<0.01). Conclusion: It can be concluded that treatment with KT was able to significantly decrease the grade of cellulite, so that the variables evaluated by the protocol probably not influence this process.


Elastic Bandages, Edema, Esthetics.



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